10 tips to increase your memory that really helpful

The brain is like a sharp knife. The more you sharpen it, the sharper its edge will be. And the more you keep it useless, the more it will become dull. However, you have to lend knowingly. The more you do this lending, the better your memory will be. The Career Addict website lists 10 daily activities that can help you increase your memory.

1. Every day we go somewhere. Back home, draw a map of the place from memory.

2. When eating out, try to differentiate what ingredients are used in the food. Put a different taste in each of them.

3. Solve one crossword puzzle every day.

4. Memorize the phone numbers of 10 of your friends and acquaintances who are given regular phone calls. Then do more if you can.

5. Try to find the answer by looking at a math problem without the help of a pencil, pen, calculator, or computer.

6. Think of a word in your mind and memorize its spelling. This time try to think of another word that has at least two letters at the beginning or end of the previous word.

7. Think about what’s on the shopping list, of course, if there are at least a dozen items!

8. In your memory, keep a running account of how much money is being spent on the market.

9. Try to remember the names of the capitals of different countries of the world for 10 minutes a day.

10. Try to remember any of your favorite songs.

Do practice the above things and increase your memory.

Source: Skill Types


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